Want to be the canvas for a beautiful new tattoo by one of our amazing artists free of charge? Participate in the most exciting tattoo competition of the weekend and get a free tattoo! you can register at the ink life booth free all weekend and cut off is 2:30pm on Sunday. The canvases will be announced at 3:30 pm so listen for the announcements. When you are chosen to be a canvas for this competition, the design is the artist’s choice. However, you will have some input as far as placement of the tattoo. If you are chosen and decide that you do not like the design the artist wants to tattoo, you may decline and we will assign another canvas to that artist. ┬áIf you do not get selected as a canvas don’t worry, we are always doing other free tattoo contests on Sunday and with over 200 artists even if you don’t get selected you can still get a great deal on an amazing tattoo.